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In 2017 we spent 6 months of testing and R&D before we released our very first SKU! We tested strains of hemp from all over my home state of Colorado. After clinical testing on a multitude of ailments, we found the best strain of CBD. We then began to figure out our own personal “cocktail” of terpenes which we found to provide the best benefits. We then found a farm that produces our distillate to make our oil a full spectrum, or broad spectrum depending on where you are from. All of our products are 3rd party lab tested after a grape seed ethanol distillation in Denver. Once they are received in Tucson, we then send another sample out for our 2nd set of 3rd party lab results.

We believe in quality and most importantly health care.

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SOS-CBD brings top-quality and tested CBD oils, Topicals, Isolates, and Transdermal patches directly to you.

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